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Newsdesk: Back to basics

February 9, 2009

(Alphabet blocks by dklimke, licensed under Creative Commons.)

This week’s news links are brought to by the Martini – alleviating middle-class stress through gin and vermouth since 1867!

Newsdesk: and a new one just begun

January 2, 2009

A little later than usual, perhaps, but it’s 2009 – a brave new world of almost exactly the same stuff as in 2008. Excited?

(Edinburgh 2009 New Year Fireworks by Scala64. happy new year 2009 from lulugaia’s Flickr photostream, displayed under a Creative Commons licence.)

Newsdesk: DIY

December 23, 2008

There’s a growing number of notable mixologists who aren’t professional bartenders. While I’m lucky enough to have access to a well-stocked, well-equipped cocktail bar at work, that isn’t necessarily an option for the enthusiast. Handily, the internet has answers to the questions you haven’t even asked yet.

Newsdesk: the wrath of grapes

December 16, 2008

Hangovers are the nemesis of the committed drinker, and just ahead of Christmas, it gets worse.

Linkdump: well hello, print media!

December 11, 2008


The Guardians Mark Fothergill behind the stick.

The Guardian's Mark Fothergill behind the stick.


It seems a pity that print media’s starting to get interested in bartending and cocktailmaking just as the medium dies. Then again, they’ve all got websites, and you know what they say about publicity…

The Local News: the loneliest city in Britain

December 10, 2008

Not as lonely as Edinburgh.

Not as lonely as Edinburgh.

A BBC-commissioned survey has reported that Edinburgh is the loneliest place to live in the UK. Apparently, we’re 13% lonelier than we were in 1971, as calculated by the number of unmarried adults and one-person households in the area. Is it possible that – as a city – we’re not lonely, we’re just crap at hooking up? It’s also worth nothing that second place went to London. Yes, the one with more than 11 million residents.


It’s depressing news. Given our failure to connect to our communities, I guess the only thing to do is shine lasers into the eyes of airline pilots as they attempt to land, or leave unexploded WW2 bombs lying around in school grounds.

Yes, nothing is happening in this city. It’s probably why it needs £600m to ride out the economic downturn. Here are some of the stories that didn’t make the cut:

  • Baby protein ‘could help bowels’.
  • Mine discovered in Forth blown up.
  • Keep an eye out for albino squirrels and other ghostly sights.

Because seriously, albino squirrels will break into your house and steal your Christmas presents. And your kids.

(Lonely Old House photo from Dingbat2005’s Flickr photostream. Albino Squirrel from

The Local News: no Indy, no Ackroyd

November 24, 2008

Bar jobs have the unfortunate effect of entirely rewiring your calendar. It’s like working a 9-5, but one that starts at 6pm with weekends running Tuesday-Wednesday. Essentially, my internal clock is running roughly on Pacific Standard. In the middle of next week.

This is relevant because it means I miss a bunch of interesting things if they happen over what the rest of civilisation calls the weekend, such as a mysterious and possibly ancient artifact going on display just up the road from my flat.

For one day.

The object in question is one of the fabled crystal skulls, the handiwork of either an ancient South American civilisation or skilled forgers in the 1950s and the inspiration for both the most recent Indiana Jones movie and a new, frankly insane vodka fronted by famed Ghostbuster Dan Ackroyd.

Yes, YouTube time:

In other news, a City Councillor has proposed to ease congestion in the City Centre by introducing a pedestrian ‘fast-lane’ on Princes Street, despite research that suggests a similar effect could be achieved by introducing capital punishment for buskers, mimes and charity muggers*.

Elsewhere, controversy reigns as the local press proclaims Edinburgh to be the UK’s greenest city – behind only five other cities, according to Treehugger.

Finally, coming soon to ednbrg, the return of posts about cocktails. Crazy, I know.

* There’s a decent chance that this is a lie.

The Local News: under review

November 17, 2008

After all of last week’s electoral excitement, it’s been a quieter week round these parts. It hasn’t been a week without danger, but the threat of Edinburgh losing its World Heritage Site status has lifted with the news that “the overall state of conservation is absolutely fine.” Other World Heritage Sites include the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal and the ancient city of Thebes and its Necropolis, all places characterized by their short supply of Buckfast and deep-fried Mars bars.

There hasn’t been any real chance of Scotland losing touch with its heritage: just last year, our finest bartenders spent an evening beating the best England had to offer in the 2007 Liquid War. This year’s final took place in Glasgow earlier this evening with North vs. South contests in flair and mixology. Results when they’re posted, which will probably be when the hangovers clear up. Sometime in February, then.

In the meantime, if you wanted to infuse that hard-won heritage with a touch of international style, then Totty Rocks on Victoria Street can furnish you with a handbag. This handbag, in fact. For £3,250.

And finally, it’s time to wish everyone at Bramble a very happy second birthday – they just announced their own bouncing baby blog! They’re also clearly not getting a present, what with all the awards and international acclaim they’ve gained over the past two years.

Seriously, let someone else with something for once.

(Edinburgh panorama from George L Smyth’s photostream on Flickr, under a Creative Commons licence.)