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Twenty Nine: 2000 Man

July 24, 2009

Change, it has been said, is a good thing. The world turns and becomes new.

I’ve just started a new job. After more than three years in one place, I felt it was time to seek a new challenge and so far, everything’s going well. We’re getting ready to head into the Festival – one of the busiest trading periods in the Edinburgh year – which is the perfect time to be facing a metric ton of cocktail competitions.

The next two/three weeks see deadlines for entries for 42 Below’s Cocktail World Cup, Chambord’s Hunt for Holly (supporting their sponsorship of the West End revival of Breakfast At Tiffany’s) and the Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix. The upshot of all of that is I’ve been forced into thinking of new recipes perhaps more than usual.

Yes, life is hard.

2000 Man
45ml white rum (I used Element 8 Platinum)
20ml Navan
25ml lemon juice
15ml orgeat
1 dash egg white
1 dash La Fée Parisienne Absinthe
Shake first five ingredients with ice and fine-strain into a chilled coupette or martini glass. Using an atomiser, flame Absinthe across the top of the drink as a garnish.


Absinthe and laptops

January 31, 2009

…no longer guaranteed to end in catastrophe!

[Via The Mixoloseum]

Newsdesk: what is best in life?

January 27, 2009

An electric field. Handy for making tasty wine, according to science.

There is – or should be – a list of things you should never type into Google Image Search and right near the top of it are the words “erectile dysfunction”. There’s probably also a good way to tie this into the following compilation of drink related links but God, my mind is scarred.

At least I didn’t cut my ear off.

September 5, 2008

I had a bad experience with absinthe once. I was with a bunch of friends and we went to a flatparty somewhere in Manchester. We were greeted at the door by the lovely girl who lived there who offered us a tray of green shots. Apple Sourz? Don’t mind if I do…

I remember literally nothing else of the night.

In other news, US bartenders vs. the rest of the world in Simon Difford’s Cabinet Room, battling for inclusion in La Fée’s definitive guide to absinthe cocktails? Might be time to reacquaint myself with some green fairytales.

Absinthe Cocktail Grand Prix.