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MxMo: Vodka is your friend

August 10, 2009

Mixology Monday is billed as the monthly online cocktail party, where our host chooses a theme and we rock up a couple of hours late, stinking of cheap wine and muttering something about “consumption”. This month, Felicia’s Speakeasy is graciously listening to our ramblings about our favourite Doctor Who and the fact that vodka is your friend.

In Scotland, of course, vodka is everyone’s friend. It’s been the biggest selling spirit in both on- and off-licence sales (that’s bars and liquor stores) since 2008, while Diageo’s Cameronbridge distillery produces several quadrillion litres of Smirnoff every year. As far as Scottish bartenders go, vodka should be our friend, because selling it pays our wages but it’s not. Read the rest of this entry »

MxMo XL: Ginger

June 15, 2009

Like other stuff, Mixology Monday happens every month, but is at least 7,000% more fun than paying your rent. This month, RumDood challenges us to find a use for ginger, in any of its various forms.

Ginger is a wonderful thing. Its mere presence elevates a run-of-the-mill stir fry towards the awesome and beyond that, it’s versatile and easily fermentable. It’s worth noting that having ginger hair is often treated as a kind of social disability in Scotland, but combining the physical trait with the root can be a powerful thing.

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MxMo: the first time

March 4, 2009

For everything in life, there’s an inside and an outside. This month, LUPEC Boston asks us how we’d welcome the unsure to the cocktail party. It’s Mixology Monday, and we want to know one thing: do you remember the first time?

Imagine a swamp. It’s dark, misty and humid. There’s a weird kind of steam coming from the marshes and you’re pretty sure the twisted vegetation is home to any number of nasty beasties ready to devour the unwary. You’ve heard a rumour that there’s a paradise on the other side of the swamp, and that’s it’s not that hard to cross anyway, but right now, up to your ankles in liquid you don’t want to think too hard about, swatting away flies the size of staplers, you’re not thinking about that. Right now, all you want is not to be in the damn swamp.

(swamp by Lawrence Whittemore, licensed under Creative Commons.)

Hold that feeling in your mind and the expression on your face is going to resemble that of someone picking up a cocktail list for the first time. It’s something I see quite a lot at work, that mix of curiosity and utter, utter fear. Some of those exhibiting the look of rabbit soon to lose its third dimension ask for help, some don’t. Read the rest of this entry »

MxMo: hard drinks for hard times

February 16, 2009

This month’s Mixology Monday is worried. It worries about its job, its mortgage and, above all, it worries about its future. It’s not easy being the internet’s premier monthly mixological get-together, but this month’s theme proposed by Matt at Rowley’s Whiskey Forge could give it a few tips for getting through the crunch.

Drinking has seen of tough times before, of course. If outright prohibition couldn’t kill hard spirits, then lacking a bit of cash won’t either. However, to my mind, when money gets tight it’s the fancy imported stuff that ends up first in the firing line and you aim to make do with what’s local. Luckily, this means I get to play with Scotch whisky.

(Whisky Galore! by foxypar4, licenced under Creative Commons.)

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MxMo: on the bench

January 19, 2009

It’s about time for another Mixology Monday – this month’s theme is New Horizons, hosted over at A Mixed Dram. It’s a project I’d love to contribute to, but a couple of things got in the way. The last week has been spent (in descending order):

  • in bed dying from bird flu
  • at work
  • trying to formulate recipes for the Reserve Brands World Class Gin regional
  • failing to win the Reserve Brands World Class Gin regional
  • organizing and working an event for 400 thirsty bar staff

…all of which means that I’m going to be spending this MxMo on the bench.

MxMo: Spice

December 15, 2008

It’s Monday, and that means it’s about time for the international drinkblogging community to showcase all the cool things we’ve been playing with. This month’s Mixology Monday is being graciously hosted by Craig at Tiki Drinks & Indigo Firmaments (thanks!) and – topically, for Christmas – the theme is spice.

Spices belong to that category of things you won’t miss until they’re not there. It’s literally inconceivable to eat without salt and pepper on the table. Vanilla has become so prevalent as a flavour that the word can be used to describe things that are boring, unremarkable, and yet the general connotation of spices is of exoticism, of a faraway culture. Read the rest of this entry »

MxMo: Made from scratch

November 9, 2008

Mixology Monday is a monthly catalogue of interesting things people have been doing with alcohol, based around a theme set by that month’s host. November sees Doug at the Pegu Blog calling out all our homemade treasures – every drink has to contain one ingredient that’s made from scratch. Read the rest of this entry »

MxMo: Guilty Pleasures

October 13, 2008

Mixology Monday is monthly celebration of all things cocktailian, hosted by a different member of the global drink-blogging community. This month, Stevi at Two at the Most (thanks for hosting!) invited us to share our Guilty Pleasures. The thing is, I’d already shared one of my shameful favourites in public…

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Mixology Monday: 19th Century Cocktails

September 14, 2008

Mixology Monday is a monthly celebration of mixological stuff, with each themed installment hosted somewhere within the drinkblogging community. This month’s edition is on 19th Century Cocktails, and is being hosted at This is the ednbrg MxMo debut – here’s hoping I don’t screw this up… Read the rest of this entry »