There is a city in northern Europe – actually, more than one, but there’s only one we’re concerned with right now – where the sun never stops shining (even through the rain!) and the people skip to work every day without even the tiniest hint of irony.

This is not the city I live in.

The city I live in is Edinburgh. It’s old, it’s a building site and its nickname refers to the fact that back in the day, it smelled not so good. It’s also the capital of Scotland, the seat of the Scottish Parliament and home to the world’s biggest annual arts festival. This city’s got issues.

But it also knows how to enjoy itself. Edinburgh can boast some of Britain’s best bars and the local scene has produced a number of phenomenal bartenders and mixologists. It’s easy to fall into that scene, and that’s what happened to me three years ago.

ednbrg is where I write about my continuing adventures in playing Lego with alcohol.

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