Drink it? Can’t even pronounce it.

February 14, 2009

Anyone else think February’s a little early for naming the World Whisky of the Year for 2009?


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  1. Jamie Milne Says:

    but also with a perfect balance and complexity”. Sounded as though Rachel Barrie had only just had time to brush up on the sound-bites chosen by the marketing department before the cameras started to roll. 😉

    I tried Uigedail around Christmas time and it’s an excellent dram. Luscious, rich and maybe even deep and complex. But to describe something as peaty as this as “balanced”, is inexplicable. Luckily, being cask strength, you can add a fair bit of water to take the edge off the smoke and bring it closer to balanced.

    Whether it’s an Oscar, Car of the Year or World Whisky of the Year, it’s often the case that awards are given before a product has had a chance to spread its wings and fly. Or flop. This one will fly, but keep a jug of water handy.

  2. […] someone has kindly posted a video clip of Ardbeg/Glenmorangie master blender, Rachel Barrie, going all Jillie Goolden about it, ably […]

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