One week in the future

July 18, 2008

So, 2008 and I still haven’t got my jetpack yet, but the onward march of technology has seen fit to grant me an iPhone which – while not allowing me to fly to the shops – may go down as one of the most purely functional devices. Not because it is per se useful, but because it just works. The iPhone OS does everything it should, and damn if it does them well. It is the leading mobile computing platform (pre-Android, ‘course) with good reason.

Bear in mind that the functionalness (for wont of a better word) of the OS is separate from the functionality of the phone, which still has its badness. There’s no MMS, the camera’s crap, and you can’t sync Notes or view PDFs in Safari. There are workarounds for these problems – owning a 7mp Ixus, for example, so they’re not dealbreakers. Also, I had an alarm go off while on a phone call and had precisely no idea what was happening. This is, of course, the phone’s fault.

So, good so far. I’m particularly liking the unlimited data part of my tariff, not least because I get to laugh at Americans. The only thing I’m missing is a courier van to remote-control. And syncing for Notes.

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